3 Most Beautiful Temples of Hong Kong You Must Visit

I must confess at the very beginning that out of all the travellers who visit Hong Kong, you would hardly find a few of them who would have had the idea of visiting temples. But it is also true that many of them are very much impressed after visiting a few of the temples and monasteries they see in the region. It is the cultural and spiritual tradition of this place that makes those temples win their hearts. After all, it is a place where people usually visit to seek peace and enlightenment of mind and sway away from the stress from their minds.

There are a number of beautiful temples in Hong Kong which are captivating due to their intricate architecture, unique cultural influence and beauty of the location they have been built at. Most of the tourists are visiting these religious sites during their trip which is evident from the fact that temples remain to be amongst the top tourist attractions of all the distinct destinations. If you want to explore the soul enlightening experience, Hong Kong would definitely provide ample options for your convenience. You can avail the Kkday Discount code to book a spiritually motivating trip to Hong Kong and save aplenty on your travel expenses. Here are 3 Spiritual temples in Hong Kong you have to visit for your own good.

Chi Lin Nunnery

The Chi Lin Nursery is a Buddhist worship place which was developed in the early 1930s by the people. The temple is situated in the Kowloon province at a place called Diamond Hills. Although what we see now isn’t the exact way this nursery was created initially as it has gone through a major renovation work 2 decades ago. The structure after its renovation looks familiar to the style of construction used during the Tang Dynasty. The temple holds 3 different statures each of which represents Kakyamuni Buddha, Bodhisattvas and the goddess Guanyin respectively. This nursery is the biggest handmade wooden structure in the world. The construction of the premises of this structure is very unique and uncommon from the engineering point of view yet it is formidable and stable at the same time.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

The Wong Tai Sin is probably the most visited temple by the tourists among all the temples of Hong Kong. There is an ardent belief of the worshippers about this temple that whatever one would truly wish and pray for inside the temple would eventually become true if the person follows the Kau Sim and practices it. The architectural work of this temple has a heavy Chinese influence and it is evident from the onset as you enter the temple premises from two grand re coloured pillars. Some of the most striking attributes of the temple are the golden rood, the blue friezes adorned on the top of it, multiple coloured carvings on the stones and the yellow coloured latticework. this temple is one of the most popular temples amongst the locals and is flooded by the crowd during several auspicious occasions or the Chinese New Year. A lot of re-visitors are also known to pay a visit after their wish is fulfilled. Remember to check out the Kkday Promo Code before booking a trip to Hong Kong and get incredible deals and offers on your travel bookings.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

This is a Buddhist temple that was constructed by a Buddhist layman with the name Yuet Kai in the mid-1950s. The story of the construction of this temple suggests that the Buddhist man spent 8 years of his life to constructing this temple all alone. It is said that the person used to do everything from carrying the construction supplies to working as a Mason, everything on his own without taking anyone’s help. This monastery has more than 12500 statues of Lord Buddha were placed in this temple by 1957 within a span of 2 years after the construction was finished. The man who took the day in and day out working his heart out for building this temple has been honoured after his death by keeping his preserving his body inside a glass case and placing it inside the temple. The temple has a good size and holds five halls in total to provide ample space to all the visitors. There are numerous statues in the halls, though most of them are placed outside on the inclined pathway all depicted in different poses.

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