Accessories That You Must Take With You During the Rainy Season

Rain is something which most people love. In fact, I would go on and add, rain is loved by most animals and plants too. After all, who doesn’t want to get the amazing cool breeze which rain brings along with it? The irresistible smell of wet soil that soaks right into the soul. There is no doubt rain is special and even those who don’t want to enjoy the replenishment of rainwater enjoy watching it from shades.

Keeping the beauty of rain aside, it shall not be ignored that we can’t get enough of it unless we stay healthy. To stay fit isn’t an easy task, especially during the rains. The muddy water along with the dirt creates very infectious conditions. The humidity and moisture provide a perfect combination for the microorganism to grow all around. All of this leads to a very vulnerable atmosphere which can easily land you into illness. But as they say, precaution is better than cure. So here I am sharing with 5 Accessories that you must have on with you when going out during the rainy season. Moreover, you can get amazing fashion accessories at best prices with these amazing Zalora voucher codes. 

Umbrellas & Raincoats

Umbrellas are typically made for rains but they are only for use of those who walk along. There are many people who prefer to use trams and city buses for the daily commute. Such people are highly recommended to get themselves a good umbrella. Raincoats is also a great option and it is comparatively the more apt one. While the umbrellas are able to keep your head and the upper half of the body safe from water but it proves inadequate in case of windy weather. Whereas, Raincoat is more of a shield that is worn above the clothes and thereby protecting the entire body and clothes from getting wet. It is not only good for walkers but also great for those two-wheelers who commute on a daily basis. Raincoats are nowadays more fashionable and lighter in comparison to what it was a few years ago. In fact, there are many raincoats which actually look like windcheaters and are quite fancy too.


Footwears are a compulsory part of our daily accessories but during the rainy seasons, there are many things to keep in mind with respect to what footwear one should use. First and foremost, the mesh shoes are not the kind to be worn in rain. They get wet and once they get wet, they take time to dry up. So avoid sporty shoes especially the ones with mesh. There are shoes which are prepared with the help of rubber and canvas combined together which are popularly used in preparing cleats. Such shoes are able to protect water from entering into the shoe and usually works well in such weather. Such kinds of shoes are also popularly used in regions which witness copious snowfall.

Waterproof Carry Bag & Towel

It is always recommended to have a waterproof bag with you during rains. This is critically important if you carry laptop and paper documents along with you on a daily basis. Having a waterproof carry bag allows you to safeguard your mobile, wallets and anything else that you want to keep dry.

The towel is not necessarily an accessory which we take with us outdoors but during rains, it is always better to play it safe and keep a towel alongside with the bag in order to dry yourselves in case your umbrella or raincoat proves ineffective in protecting you from the water. This towel need not be necessarily large in size as you have to carry it along in your bag. Drying is important to avoid catching a cough, cold and other such infections which can lead to serious viral disease in form of flu.

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