Experience Adrenaline Pumping Adventure Activities In Hong Kong During Summers!

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Know some adventurous places within the country and get ready to experience the best in HongKong!

Summer travel adventure feel has already started, many people are already planning to head to an adventurous and cosy place where they can spend a great summertime. We are here to help you and let you find a place where you can spend your summer holiday.

Hong Kong is deemed as one of the greatest cities in the world that is vibrant in its own way, offers a fascinating destination, has a rich history, culture, diversity, varied attractions that engages people of all ages and for its uncountable faces that are waiting for you to be discovered.

There are varied things to do in Hong Kong that often takes more than one trip to explore. So, in case you want to make your trip a satisfying one, you must settle in for at least one week trip to Hong Kong. There are loads of opportunities for you, from day treks to enjoying at some exciting theme parks, exploring serene temples in the middle of the city and experiencing the incomparable food experience, vibrant nightlife and at the top the Hong Kong attractions are pretty much suitable for all seasons that are guaranteed to make everyone happy including kids and adults.

To experience the best things do in Hong Kong, get ready to encounter breath-taking, spine-chilling activities, adrenaline-adventures, and at the top, you can experience loads of fun.

The Dragon’s Back Hiking Tour

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The Dragon’s back hiking tour is a fun-filled adventure with loads of opportunities waiting for you. The adventure trip is a 5-hour trek journey. The hiker can get along through forests, mountains and stand on the white sands of Tai Long Wan Bay, that offers a stunning view of the Southern Hong Kong islands and with a promise to make it one of the amazing hikes in Asia.

You can hire an expert who will show you the way through the rugged ridge around the dragon’s back. All veterans feel it as an easy hiking trail whereas beginners find it a bit challenging.

Where to start: To experience the hiking tour, start your journey at the initial point of Shau Kei Wan MTR Station Exit A and take bus number 9 or the red minibus having the mark “Shek O” to To Tei Wan Stop. You can book your hiking tour in advance from Klook promo code and get ready for an amazing ride.

From the endpoint: Hire a red minibus having the mark “Shau Kei Wan” or book a taxi from Big Wave Bay and back to Shau Kei Wan.

Ziplining at Tung Lung Chau

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Ziplining is for all adventure lovers, who don’t settle in for a normal adventure. Imagine, you are falling from the height of a 30-metre high cliff, crashing on the waves, make your heart swing, enjoying the adrenaline rush, then ziplining is definitely for you. You could enjoy a more enjoyable experience by heading to Tung Lung Chau Island and witness some bewitching beautiful cliffs that make your trip even more interesting. The place is blessed with some beautiful views and by getting a guided tour, you can easily enjoy your time.

How to reach: Book a Ferry to Tung Lung Chau and enjoy the adventure activities there.

Necessary Equipment in route: harnesses, helmets and safety ropes.

Lamma Island Sea Kayaking and Hiking Tour

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This 7.5-hour tour is a wild combination of exploring, kayaking, swimming and hiking. Begin by exploring the beautiful and remote coastline of Lamma Island by sea before hiking to Sea Turtle Marine Reserve. Swim for a while, then trek to Sok Kwu Wan Sea Kayak Base, from where you paddle through a traditional floating fish farm and head to Lamma Channel. At the southern coast of the island, prepare to get swooned by fantastic views of the granite cliffs. A small hike later, you sight the Turtle beach—the only nesting place for endangered turtles. Continue hiking along the picturesque ridge, explore the beauty and then prepare for the return back.

Where to start: Start your journey at the colourful fishermen’s typhoon covered in Aberdeen. To reach here, book your flight directly to Lamma Island and use the unique Agoda Discount Code on your flight booking. Here you can climb aboard and ride on a slow boat to Lamma Island, where you can see the photogenic views of the Southern area of Hong Kong Island.

End Point: Finally, you can reach the old pier, where a fast ferry awaits you to speed back and enjoy the hustle and bustle city of Central.

Different Taste of Hong Kong

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Experience Hong Kong in a totally different aspect by touring to some of the city’s creative and down to earth attractions. You can get access to public transport and undiscovered unique side of Hong Kong by exploring the locals and learn about the lives of the people.

You could start the journey with the commuter Star Ferry, locate your trip beyond the bazaar of the streets, travel uphill on the largest outdoor escalator, witness the historic ‘Ding Ding’ tram and at lastly hit the water on the Walla-walla. The whole experience will fetch you a unique insight into the country and further, you could extend your tour to feng shui, one of the oldest public housing, offering an ancient ritual.

Itinerary Guide: The Hong Kong tour includes some best adventures and activities including Boat trip, escalator ride, lunch at Hong Kong style tea restaurant, tram journey, Pottinger Street, Petty Person Beating, typhoon shelter and Wah Fu Estate. Book your Expedia Travel and use the unique Expedia Promo Code on your bookings.

Pick Up Points: Lobby of The Kowloon Hotel, Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Kowloon.

There’s a hell lot of activities within the country that you can enjoy. Plan your Hong Kong tour now and book your flight and hotel rooms online using Trip.com promo code and subscribe to VoucherCodes to be the first one to get the best deals and offers.

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