What Makes TicHome Mini A Perfect Google Home Assistant! Know How?


In 2018, Technology has truly evolved. With high-end devices such as TicHome Mini, users are opened to a whole new world of the digitally advanced era. Ever thought of a speaker replying all your queries without any fail. Today, technology has evolved and highly advanced in order to become more powerful and useful. TicHome Mini will spell out a word, tell you a bedtime or scary story, solve mathematical problems, answer all your question and also wakes you up without any hassle.

To take technology to the next level, Mobivoi has come with the coolest and most advanced gadget, TicHome Mini, a splash-proof Google Assistant with smart features. It is a small gadget you can carry around anywhere and everywhere without any hassle. The best thing about this cool Google Assistant is that it isn’t confined to just answering your basic queries, there is lot more you can do with this smart splash-proof speaker. You can enjoy huge savings while buying this high-tech gadget at the best price with Mobvoi Discount Code.

Besides being a smart home gadget, TicHome Mini is a perfect affordable alternative to a single interactive smart speaker, it is a two-for-one smart speaker, portable enough to throw in your bag and carry along with a mini music player with you anywhere and everywhere. Listed below are few points or highlights of the smart TicHome Mini that makes it a wonderful gadget to own!



The main feature of TicHome Mini is its portability, that is unlike other speakers placed in just a single room, you can move this smart Google Assistant from one room to another. Moreover, the speaker is capable of handling splash as it boasts IPX6 rating. Although not build to submerge in the water, it is a great shower companion that enables you to conversate with Google Assistant while taking shower.

Hands-free help all time!


The built-in battery and the splash-proof IPX6 rating of the TicHome Mini provide you with a versatile hands-free smart speaker listening experience. Carry it to any room without worrying about it being discharged soon or carrying a charging cable and deck along with it every time.

Redifine singing in the Shower!


If you love listening to your favorite tracks or songs in the shower? Then TicHome Mini is your perfect companion. Its hand’s free control and IPX6 splash-proof rating will help you listen and sing-a-long your favorite songs from your favorite playlist on the go.

A smart gadget for all your smart home devices!


Control and manage all your smart and high-tech home devices with this really cool and awesome Google Assistant smart speaker on just one instruction. Manage your home devices kept in some other room without leaving the comfort of your sofa or bedroom.

Great Sound Quality!


It is the first and foremost portable Bluetooth speaker with great sound quality. Whether you picnic with your family in some park or with friends at an impromptu dance party, the TicHome Mini is capable enough to deliver all your favorite tunes with great sound quality. Its 360 degrees, dynamic, full-range sound speaker is engineered to provide you the biggest sound of any huge speakers of its kind.

TapConnect – Great Connectivity!


Gone are the days when you had to search for cables to connect one device with another or simply switch on the Bluetooth of both the devices going to their respective setting function and turning on. TicHome Mini offers you an instant TapConnect function which means you can easily connect your smartphones, tablets and other devices on just one tap. As soon as you tap your gadget with the speaker, The Bluetooth of the speaker will turn on automatically.

So, these are some smart features of TicHome Mini that make it one of the best Google Home Assistant devices. Buy this coolest gadget offered by Mobvoi at a comparatively reasonable rate with Ticwatch Promo Code.

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