5 Must-Have Beauty Products This Monsoon Season!


Monsoon is a time of freshness and fun. While we bid goodbyes to hot-sunny days and humidity leaving us sweaty and drenched, the months of monsoon are much looked forward too. Monsoon brings a feeling of newness and pleasant weather. But as you look forward to the lovely monsoon season, you need to be careful about the wellness of your skin.

After the hot, sunny and harsh summers, monsoon showers are always welcomed with open arms. However, your hair and skin might not love rains like the way you do, and the beauty regimen you used to follow during summers might become inefficient and ineffective. Frizzy hair, itchy scalp, dry skin, blemishes, rashes, etc., are some of the common hair and skin problem you might face during the rainy or monsoon season.

Therefore, with the arrival of monsoons, you need to make a little transition in your daily beauty care regime. You need to stock up beauty products waterproof cosmetics, hydrating lotions, exfoliating scrubs, hair serums and hair mask, that can make your skin and hair look healthy and beautiful even in monsoons.

This monsoon season, stock up your dressing table with all the important beauty products suitable for monsoon at comparatively best rates with Sephora, your only solution to all your beauty needs. To enjoy huge savings all you need is to avail Sephora voucher codes as these codes offer you amazing discounts on every purchase.

Now, take a quick glance at what all makeup and beauty products you must use during the monsoon season-

Smudge-Proof Eye-Liner And Mascara!


During monsoon, you will often get caught in the rain, and your regular eye-makeup products, be it the liner or mascara won’t stand a chance. In a heavy downpour, the only things that can keep you away from looking like a panda are the smudge-proof eye-makeup which generally include water-proof eyeliner and mascara. Invest in a reliable beauty brand that offers you both water-proof and smudge-proof iron-clad results.

BB Cream!


When it rains outside and there is humidity inside, then instead of using cakey makeup and foundation, try to opt for BB cream that will give you absolutely no fuss, no muss base, etc. BB creams even out your skin tone, and provides you water-proof finish. Such cream provides you flawlessly beautiful and glowing skin without any hassle and stays for longer period of time even when it’s raining.

Hair Serum!


During monsoon, hair becomes a little unmanageable. With the rainfall and the humidity, hair becomes frizzy and dry. As a result, you need to keep them manageable and frizz-free and for that, all you need is a top and reliable brand’s hair serum. Hair serums keep braids and ponytails in place and minimize the frizz to a negotiable amount.

Hydrating Lotion!


If you have dry skin, then during monsoon your skin might get drier and flaky. And to keep your skin hydrated and nourished you need to use a hydrating lotion diligently. Make sure you hydrate your skin after showers and at night time before you go off to sleep. applying hydrating body lotion after the shower is important as it locks moisture for the rest of the day.

Hair Masks!


Just like your skin, during monsoon, your hair also need extra hydration. And for that extra hydration to your hair, you need to invest in hair masks that locks moisture and make them look nourished and beautiful. Invest in professional hair care brands that offer you nourishing hair masks created to prevent hair damage. You can shop for top brand hair masks and other hair and beauty care products at huge discounted rates if you use Sephora promo codes.

So, these are few hair, skin and makeup products that you must infuse into your monsoon season’s beauty care regimen. These products will surely be going to let you enjoy the rainy season to the fullest. Hope You Have A Happy Monsoon!

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