5 Must Do Things While You Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a wonderland where you can always find things that will keep you captivated in fascination. There is so much to see that the time would always fall short no matter how much time you have up your sleeves. The place just keeps getting over the mind of every traveller and there are many people who love to travel to this city as frequently as they can.

But any place can only be fun if you know what’s the right things do in that place. If you don’t know much about what you should or what you shouldn’t, you will often get your travel experience messed up in the middle. So, it is better to know the things that you must do while you stay in Hong Kong. If you are making your travel plans, you can use the Ctrip Promo Code to make your trip more affordable and AirAsiaGo Promo Code to book the flights much cheaper prices.

Search Where to Eat

Hong Kong is known for its Cantonese food and its internationally acclaimed chefs. So it is better to find where you should be eating as you get too many choices that can often leave you confused. While you can find some of the most expensive restaurants in Hong Kong, you will also find a plenty of cheap food vendors serving really tasty food. Although, smaller local restaurants would often see things from a different light as they would often recommend ‘foreign dishes’ to traveller rather than the Cantonese or Chinese food as they presume people from outside are not interested in their local cuisines. If you don’t take the time to find the right place for your meals, you would probably miss out on some of the best dishes that the city of Hong Kong offers.

Take a Ride of Tram

Tram is not the most advanced mean of transport and is probably slower than many other contemporary options available in Hong Kong. But trams are nevertheless cheap and reliable at the same time. It is recommended to experience a tram ride to feel the earliest of the railway machines. Trams had been developed in Hong Kong by the British and they continue to do their job till date. The first tram in Hong Kong was run in the year 1904. The tram goes through some of those areas which are busiest and give the perfect feel of the city in the most charming way.

Do Grab an Octopus Card

Although the tram ride has a joy of its own, you can rely on it in general as a traveller because its route is very short and confined to only a few certain areas where most travellers won’t need to go that often. Octopus Cards serve the best purpose for this as it can be used for all public transports which make roaming around a lot easier and convenient. The good thing is that it is not just restricted to being a transportation pass, it is actually as stored value card that you can use at most places in the markets, stores, malls, restaurants and pharmacies. Doing this helps a lot as you don’t have to keep much cash or asking around for change. This card is available at the MTR station.

Avoid Smoking Indoors

The law in Hong Kong has banned smoking inside building premises such as offices, restaurants, bars, shopping malls and it is not allowed to smoke at some of the outdoor places as well such as parks, beaches, gardens, swimming pools, public transport vehicles etc. If you want to smoke, it is always recommended to do it in a smoking room which you would easily find smoking rooms at most premises or hotel.

Do Watch the ‘A Symphony of Lights’

Make sure you don’t miss out on the Guinness book of record holding light and sound show ‘A Symphony of Lights’ which has been running each and every day without an interruption ever since it started in 2004. The show is organized by the tourism board of Hong Kong and it starts every evening at 08:00 PM local time at Avenue of stars. The show makes a worthwhile watch as you see the emphatic skyline of Hong Kong glittering with a colourful display of lights and fireworks, complemented by a musical rendition for around 14 minutes.

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