How To Find Perfect Prom Dress For Your Special Day

So, it is prom night, an evening you have been waiting since you took admission in graduation. It is a big night for everyone as you finally start feeling big as you are about to graduate and also it is the night when you have to look presentable in front of your schoolmates.

If you haven’t yet thought of what you will be wearing for the ultimate prom night then it’s time to think about it and shine, rejoice, and make beautiful memories with a lot of stuff to do under your dream bucket list.

The excitement starts way before the actual event and during the time, you get busy with proposals asking you on a date, for a party, discussions with friends, surfing the internet for creative ideas and concepts. THE DRESS plays an important role in making your look stand out and it gives you the confidence to be able to look at your best.

We will take you through the guide on how to choose the right prom dress according to your body type.

How to Start your selection for the ideal prom dress?

The first thing you must consider is how you want to fit in the dress. Do you want a perfectly fitted dress or do you want a long gown dress? If you want to dance a lot then choose an a-line prom dress as it gives you plenty of leg space to do your dance move. So, what’s best for you!? Consider the below style prom dresses that will make your look appealing. You can shop during this time on Ssense sale and use the unqiue Ssense promo code to get your desired outfit at cheaper rates.

If you have Triangle or Pear Body Type

If you have triangle or pear shape body — hips wider than your bustline then choose to go with a form-fitting bodice dress that will perfectly fit at the top and let you enhance your respective body portion.

Choose Sheath Prom Dresses


A sheath prom dress is many girls favorite outfit as it is easier to wear and make you look tailored and slim. If you wear it for the prom night then you will definitely grab the attention of people. Or if you prefer a full-bodied girl look then you can choose gowns designed with a high waist that keep your legs look longer, taller, and slimmer giving you a perfect night.

If you have Hourglass Body Type

A body structured dress is every women’s desire. If you already have an hourglass type body then you just want to flaunt it to make it look better. Since you have a proportionate body, so choose something which you can easily flaunt to make it look better. A dress that accentuates your waist will draw the right balance on your body from the top part to the bottom part of the body. You could choose a Mermaid prom dress that will be ideal for your body as it hugs your body well.

Choose Mermaid Prom Dresses


Mermaid dress is also a perfect girly outfit that makes you look a perfect highlight of the party. The mermaid dresses are designed to be more tight-fitting for girls as compared to other dress styles. It enhances your body perfectly, show off your curves and this is the reason it is considered as one popular choice for many girls today. If you have an hourglass figure, then choose a mermaid prom dress that will give you the ebst look for the prom night. Or if you have an apple body shape body then mermaid dress might not be suitable for you. You can shop it from the online store and get a discount by using the unqiue Yoox promo code on your purchase.

If you have Apple Shape Body Type

You know that your body plays a major role in deciding which dresses will be perfect for your body and which will be for your upper area. Choose the one where your strength is and focus while shopping your dress. Also, do not forget to pay attention to the idea to define your waist. This is the reason long prom dresses are the best choice to choose.

Choose A-Line Prom Dresses


The A-line prom dresses come in a variety of style and in softer fabrics like lace and chiffon. This style keeps all customers within the fashion and the fabric choice will be ideal for young girls with imperfect or heavy leg type. As this style dress is designed just to highlight your upper body and waist, so choose the one that gives you a perfect fit. Also, this style of dress makes you look slimmer and taller.

If you have Inverted Triangle Body Type

When your upper body is broader as comparision to your lower body then it is not necessary to define your waistline, unlike other body types. To define this type of body, keep an illusion of defined waist by choosing the right dresses for you. Shift away your focus from the shoulders as it will give a more boarder look and balances your body well.

Ball Gown Prom Dresses


For this type of body, you could buy yourself a ball gown prom dress. The curvature of the skirt will reflect the slenderness of the waist, giving you a graceful look from the back. For instance, if you choose a long prom dress it will not only fully modify the defect of the lower body but it gives people a sense of dignity too. So, if you want to cater to this high-end luxury style then you can shop this small ball gown prom dresses from online using Yoox code hk on your purchase. This style will let every girl in all sizes look stylish.

So, by getting the ideal girl’s party dresses for prom night, hit the dance floor and be the eye-candy of everyone.

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