4 Natural Landscapes In Hong Kong That Will Leave You Mesmerized

We all know Hong Kong as one of the most advanced economic hubs in the world. It is a city where you can’t just get done with the shops if you go shopping. The city oozes an urban energy which you can’t find anywhere else in the world. The city beholds a giant population within its small peripheral and still manages to run flawlessly as if it is not a big deal. Such is the vibe and enigma of the place that you will end up finding something unique at each and every corner you will visit.

There is so much versatility in natural landscapes of Hong Kong that you can witness hills & hiking, sea, relaxed beaches, traditional villages and much more. To be honest, This city is one of the most impressive cities of the world and it can’t be explored fully even by those who have spent months roaming around the city. If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong, you should try these handy Klook Voucher Codes to get some amazing deals.

Here we give you 3 places in Hong Kong that will leave mesmerized.

Victoria Peak

It would be apt to say that a visit to Hong Kong is not complete until and unless you take a skyline from Victoria Peak. This is a place from where you can see most of the city at a glance. You can go there and spend an evening there wandering around the park and admiring the greenery in contrast with the urban hub in front of your eyes. The are is known as Peak because you can witness a glowing skyline once the sun settles down. If you have the option to visit only one place in Hong Kong, it should be this one.

Dragon’s Back Hike

If you want to go for a hike, Hong Kong has one of the most lavish greenery that you would have ever witnessed along with a hill, view of the ocean and a long trail. This place is entirely a different world altogether when you see it in contrast with Hong Kong’s image as an urban hub. To be honest, it is one of the easiest places to hike because the major portion of it is downhill. Once you reach the Big Wave Bay at the bottom, you can take a taxi to Shek O. The place has a fantastic swimming spot, relaxed beaches along with a plenty of restaurants to choose from. It is just the perfectly poised hike even for those who are hiking for the first time in their lives. This place is one of the best places to escape urban lifestyle and guess what, it is nearby one of the most lavish urban hub of the world.

Ocean Park

Not just Disneyland, Hong Kong has one more theme park that is unique and exotic to the fullest. It consists of everything you could expect from a theme part. The park starts with a walk through the old parts of Hong Kong, then you have a roller coaster ride to follow it up, then comes the Grand Aquarium, the largest in the world which showcases almost 400 species of fish. This aquarium is one of the best places to see ocean animals inside a dome which has a diameter of 5.5 meters. You can also get to grab sea stars and sea cucumbers. Above it, there is Giant Panda Adventure where you can witness the Giant Pandas, Red Pandas, and Chinese Salamander which is by the way on the verge of extinction. If you are in for rides, then you wouldn’t be disappointed for a bit. There are many kinds of ride available inside that include trains, cable cars, wheels and slides.

Tai O Fishing Village

This is an unambiguous place. The place is nowhere close to the urban fame Hong Kong. The people of this village are known as the Tanka people and they have their houses on the stilts above the tidal flats. As famous for, people here are fishermen mostly. The place has a market too which has one of the freshest seafood you could ever find. There is a boat ride provided by the villagers themselves. It is the only place where you could get a sight of the endangered Pink Dolphin if you are lucky enough.



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