3 Unorthodox Menswear Trends That Are Rocking the Fashion Industry

With the outrageously widespread reach of social media, it takes no time for anything to go viral and soaring heights popularity. This has been a very pertinent feature of this data age where information is infinitely exposed to the whole world and you could find it growing in whichever corner you see. This has actually helped the fashion industry a lot as the latest clothing trends spread like wildfire beyond the culpable imagination of anyone. This literally gives any potentially catchy style a million followers in no time.

When we talk of such popular fashion trends, we should also not undermine the certain style influences which make those trends grow. It is also as much a fact that no fashion enthusiast would like to see himself in exactly the same kind of styles as most of the other people have. So people often vary these trends and mostly incorporate own element into it to give the trend a very unique and creative flavour. Such style can often be unorthodox and not well received initially, but grow on the mind of the fashionistas with time. Here we would discuss few such trends that have grown of late and gradually inclined to attain the limelight in the world of fashion. If you look for such attires which posses such style trends, you can get them using the Zalora Promo Code and get the most trendy outfits from the top fashion brands at unbelievably cheap prices.

Perforated Sneakers

The perforated shoes are not something new and have been there for some time. Although it was very specifically limited to the leather brogues or loafers until now and that too had a very minuscule number of styles, to be honest. But things have changed of late and with the revival of many old-school trends in the recent past, it was no surprise that perforated sneakers got created and went on to catch the eyeballs of a large number of fashion savvy youths who found it attractive for a change. The popularity of white sneakers was effectively combined with the idea of perforated uppers started selling like hot pancakes. It has interestingly evolved to become a classic partywear casual that youth love to flaunt in the night outs and clubs. What is even more surprising is the fact that these perforated sneakers are not just limited to the summer season as the concept of perforation was ideally supposed to be but have become all year round trend in form of the perforated sneakers. The perforation is particularly used in a designer pattern to not just make the shoe breathable but also gives it uniqueness.

Striped Woollen Sweaters

With winter attire expanding into whole new creations with the likes of new designer jackets, quilted ones and bombers evolving prominently in popularity, it seemed a very little scope left for the sweater to revive. Even those remaining hopes were seemingly shattered by the glaring liking for the sweatshirts and hoodies amongst youths. But there is nothing permanent or predictable when it comes to the world of fashion and it again turned up with an unexpected trend which revived the popularity of woollen sweaters. The striped pattern sweaters all of a sudden became the new uber cool trend and youth couldn’t resist it. The idea of stripes was originally borrowed from the striped shirts which had been one of the most trending styles of the last decade. As it turned out, the stripes worked wonders and revived the slowly disappearing woollen sweaters back into the limelight. There is never an end to fashion, indeed.

Imprint Pattern Jackets

‘Print Pattern’ has been one of the most interesting styles that could be noticed amongst the recent trends. The idea began with the T-shirts and has a come a long way to make enough mark to be imprinted on the jackets too. This is again something which is usually associated in the casual wear and particularly more typecasted as a party wearable. The modern generation does not hold back when it comes to experimenting with the casuals and this Jacket is one of the most articulate reflections of this creative intuition. The days are gone when one would squeeze in the boring ties and all those inform partywear essentials. This pattern-based imprinted jacket does not go over the top and keeps the imprint subdued and subtle with the colours muted in a way that leaves an impression but doesn’t make it loud at all. The modern-day youth party would be incomplete without this imprinted jacket. To get the latest imprinted jackets from the top designer brands, use these Farfetch Promo Code HK and avail exciting discounts on your fashionable partywear.

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