5 Fashion Accessories For Men That Make Them Attractive

It isn’t a hidden secret that the clothing accessories of a person set his style apart from a crowd of people. Two people wearing the same kind of clothing might not look the same if the choice of their accessories is different. Even if one person looks spectacularly stylish with the same clothes, the other one could appear simplistic if he misses out on those vital accessories that gave the first man an added style quotient. This makes it very important factor in our day to day life to accessorize properly and that is rather the difference between an ordinary man to being a stylish man.

But in today’s multitude of options, it can be really confusing to know what kind of fashion accessories one should choose for himself. The selection is so wide and fluctuating that one can easily get it wrong. There is no limit of outfit option and on the top of it, there are equally unlimited options to complement it with accessories. But this also means that no two people could generally manage the same combination of clothing and accessories which is really the plus point that can be leveraged if done wisely.

First and foremost, one has to understand that not every accessory is meant to suit every person. As we all look and think different, the same should be the case with our clothing. So you just need to find a right match for yourself and get yourself stylized in the right way. You can try these Zalora Promo Codes to get fashionable with a wide range of clothes and accessories at the best prices.

Here are 5 fashion accessories for men that you need to get right to look attractive.


Watches are one of the most useful accessories that Men have been wearing for a long time. In today’s age of technology, many people question the need of wearing a watch as one can easily know the time by having one glance at his smartphone. But it is rather more than the time that a watch serves. There is a popular notion in the corporate world that only an immature boys look at their smartphone to know the time, real men use a watch.

There are many predominant notions that most people accept. One of them is the trust on punctuality of a person who wears watch as his watch is a clear indicator of the value he gives to time. More often then not, people who use their smartphone to find out the time would end up checking out various other things such as messages, notifications, emails and messengers, social media accounts or any other possible update. Now for a professional man, this would be a waste of time that can be avoided by just having a glance towards the wrist. Moreover, watches today serve the purpose of more than watches as there are smartwatches to complement the role of watches as a technological asset.

What would you do to check out the time while you are in a very important meeting? It will not be decent to pull out your smartphone and unlock it once just to show that you are feeling bored as you viewed the time. One easier is it to just get a glance over your watch and keep up with the conversation. In fact, there are many places where tech devices are not allowed but watches are.

Add to it the classy and niche style gradient that only a watch could provide to your overall persona. In fact, watches are a great way of adjudging a person’s personality. The watches are a reflection of a person’s lifestyle and are a genuine form of self-expression. There are many different varieties of watches available in the market today which you can use according to own convenience with certain clothing styles.

Professional Formals – If you are in a formal attire, then you should use classic subtle watches that have a thin dial without anything fancy. The best option would go with a dark diving watch or a classic dress watch that has a thin dial of a conservative design with a leather strap to complement it for better. You can choose a high-end Chrono watch too if your attire is casually professional.

Casuals and Parties – If you carry a fancy attire to a friend’s party, you ought to have a watch with metallic strap/band or leather band because leather suits every attire. Digital watches or analogue watches with a luxurious dial will also do great with party wears.

Sports – For an activity involving more physical movement or exercise, you should be using field watches or sports watches that are peculiarly meant for such occasions. You can try analogue watches but only if you are sure that the strap, case and the dial are strong enough to endure snapping or shattering during the activity.


Another accessory that has always been deemed stylish as a part of men’s clothing is Hat. A Hat can be one of the easiest and comfortable accessories that naturally enhance the appearance of a person. Most people who don a suitable hat for the first time, they get amazed by the really nice compliments they get for their new accessory. This in itself is an indication of what a hat can potentially deliver as an accessory.

But there is a certain problem with the hat that most people are unable to cope with. One has to look confident and at ease while wearing a hat but this does not come naturally to most men. It is so because hats are not just a subtle accessory but a style statement that is unique. Hats can be used purposely along with many other reasons. For instance, you can wear a beanie on a chilly winter to keep your head warm or you can use a baseball cap to cover up those bad hair days and yet remain simply stylish.


There is a popular saying that says, Jewelry is an Icing over the cake of clothing. Bracelets have been in trend for a while now and they have not been replaced for the time being which shows how good they are as an accessory. You don’t find bracelets being worn by many guys but those who want to be fashionable and well styled don’t miss out on wearing a bracelet. Bracelets are for those who want to keep up with the fashion trend.

Right now, it has become a trend to wear more than one bracelet on one wrist at a time. This usually involves a variety of bracelets made up different materials and compiled in varied colours, mixed in such a way that gives a unique kind of look on its own. This what most of the stylish guys vouch for when it comes to wearing bracelets.

There are men who are reluctant to wear a jewellery but there are some who do like it. Those men who accept the importance of accessories and give a due credit to an accessory that it can give a substantial leverage in overall appearance don’t abstain from the fact that bracelets are cool. To be honest, bracelets are not those fancy kind of stuff that most men hate. Bracelets are subtle, laid back and relaxed that never appear out of place when being worn by a man. The bracelets go with ease and suit the casual or occasional dressing nonchalantly allowing you the style quotient that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Suit Accessories

For those men who don’t want to wear suits on a daily basis (like me), it can not be denied that there are places where it ought to be the standalone choice no matter how much we contemplate. While wearing a suit, it isn’t just about carrying it in a nice way, you have to look a notch better than the suit allows and for this, you need to go with suit accessories. If you wonder if it would be making any difference or not, then I must make it very clear, it does make a huge difference. And it is actually foolish not to be accessorized properly after investing a good volume on quality and well fitting suit because you can’t beat your best after leaving out those accessories.

The most classic accessory that has been used by most people for a long time is a tie and a pocket square. Tie and pocket square give you the little variation where you can play with the combination of colours and designs. Even though bright colours are more recommended, but you can still go with neutral colours for a classy and laid back appearance if you don’t like flashy and bright colours.

Those who want it more flashy can go with double-pocket squares, it looks vibrantly different. There a lot of colour options and unique combination of patterns that you can choose from at a very unbeatable price with the help of these Zalora Voucher Codes.

Then you also have the option to go with a bow tie if you want to look class apart from the others. You also get invariably a high number of colour, patterns and materials to select from. This is something that certainly attracts more eyeballs than those generic accessories.

Sun Glasses

If I am to name one accessory that can literally lift the persona of a person, it would be sunglasses. Glasses have the ability to transform an average looking person more attractive and desirable within a blink of the eyes. But it ought to suit your face structure and does not feel oversized or undersized by any mean. When I talk about this strange transformation, it is only with those perfect frame that matches your overall appearance and gels well with your facial features.

Why am I emphasizing a right match? It is because there is a major difference between the two and the impact they have on your overall look. There is another idea that works well for those who don’t have prescription glasses. They can try non-prescription glasses if you want to wear clear glasses as many people do the same for a change.

Then there is, of course, the other option of sunglasses which are purposely designed for the protection of eyes and add a very unique sparkle to your face. The sunglasses are a must during the winter season outings as it is elementary protection from the harmful radiation emitted by the sun that can be harmful to the eyes and also give you a shaded vision that won’t stress the eyes and prevent the wrinkle that is usually formed beneath the eye due to stress.

The recent trend in sunglasses has been of brighter colours with a mirrored look. It is genuinely flashy and looks great with casuals. But for the professionals, the non-prescribed clear glasses are the more apt choice as it gives you a very sincere and sharp look that helps a great deal in business.


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