5 Fashion Trends That Made a Comeback

Fashion never goes out as it is in a process of continuous evolution and therefore keeps changing from time to time. But the evolution has not always been unidirectional or forgetful. There are fashion trends that were immensely popular in the past but have become untraceable now. But there are also those which failed to impress many people in the past but have got recognition now. This is rather strange and unpredictable if to say it that way.

The fashion changes with time but any fashion trend that has ever come out become the part of this process and hence it also has the chance to receive recognition one day or the other. Ther are some fashion trends that were conceptualized in past but did not get wider appreciation and therefore lagged behind in this process of evolution. The variable and flexible nature of fashion have always attracted people and people perceive it in a way if influenced further. Here we will talk about those fashion trends of past that had died but returned with aplomb.

Embroidery Fashion

Embroidery is an art and it was a really popular trend amongst designers in the past, especially during the 70’s. But with time, new kind of clothing took over the mainstream and this art was lesser recognized for what it was. But in last one or two years, Embroidery has surely made a comeback and that too with some of the major brands. This new found interest in embroidery hasn’t been a surprise, to be honest embroidery was always one of the most admirable forms of cloth artistry. In this recent comeback, embroidery is not just being a part of the clothes but it is also being used in Shoes, Jackets, Accessories, Bag etc.

Vintage Denim

One more fashion trend as such which has made its way to trending list is the vintage Denim. Vintage Denim was not clearly a Jeans as we all confuse it with. Therefore it is hard to call it a pragmatic Jeans. Denim as a dress was used in past to such as Jean, Jackets, Skirts etc. But again, in the modern day revival old Denim, it has been used to prepare everything including shoes and shirts too. The best part about this fashion trend is that it can be used in routine day to day life. In fact, there are Denim Jackets which are more formal than casual as they should have been expected to be. You can try these Ssense Voucher Codes to buy such Vintage Denim.

Dramatic sleeves

There was this unique vintage trend called Dramatic sleeves in which the sleeves were rather loosely prepared to give it a free-flowing look. This trend was recently reintroduced by few of the most popular brands that have very high credibility amongst fashion lovers. Resultantly, this fashion made a serious comeback and is growing world over. The designer sleeves are very compatible when it comes to pairing and these sleeves match with almost all kind of modern dresses. From T-shirts to gowns and casual shirts, this kind of sleeve complements anything with same charm.


There was this vintage trend in which rich women used a feather on their outfits to symbolize their wealthy status. After disappearing for a few decades, this trend has now made a comeback again and caught attention, especially the women have found it very appealing. The use of feather is of an accessory which can be used along with clothes, jewels, scarf, hat, bag or simply as a showpiece over the hairs. Many famous designers are trying to experiment with their outfits with some inspired touches of feathers. A popular brand Prada had launched a new collection last year which used ostrich feathers and was immensely successful.


Robes were really fancy outfits which were mostly worn by people of high-class societies while relaxing. Therefore, it became of the more fancy outfits of its time. But this trend had not died completely and it caught the limelight in the last couple of years. There are some designers who used the basic idea of robes which they customized to match it with the modern times. Although the Robes that were not popular in past have not been entirely adopted nevertheless, some new collections have lifted the conceptual idea of robes beyond any doubt.


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