5 Festivals In Hong Kong You Can Witness Now in 2019!

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If you are planning to travel to Hong Kong soon then you can witness 5 major festivals by the end of this year. Though there are 10 festivals in total in a year but in this post, we will discuss the major festivals from June to December for this year.

Evert local resident and travellers are well aware that the festivals in Hong Kong take many characters. The tourists who have been travelling to Hong Kong for the first time must check out the festivals they will be seeing during their visit, as they can prepare in advance of the festivals and make their trip eventful. During the festivals period, you will witness that these events are treated big and Typical Chinese holidays are still widely celebrated, along with a celebration of modern music, art and wellness festivals.

So, before you visit Hong Kong this year, know the festivals in Hong Kong taking place from June to December this year!

Dragon Boat Festival – June

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Starting with June, the Dragon Boat Festival is the most popular traditional Chinese folk ritual that you can witness if you plan to travel now. It is celebrated by eating dumplings which are considered as a traditional Chinese folk ritual and racing in boats decorated like dragons which show respect to the country’s most beloved poet, Qu Yuan.

The festival is celebrated for ages now when the celebrated poet threw himself in the river because he was upset with the military defeat. Eventually, the people started rowing dragon boats in order to scare fishes and stop them from eating the Qu Yuan’s body. Since that time, people celebrate this day as the Dragon boat festival. Nowadays, the celebration focus of Dragon boat has shifted from custom to competition. the focus of Dragon Boat racing has shifted from custom to competition. People come and join the race and dressed up lively for the event. You can also become a part of the event and hire a car from online using Agoda HK promo code to reach the event taking place in Stanley, Shing Mun River, or Victoria Harbour.

Chinese Opera Festival – June to August

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The Chinese Opera Festival is also one of the most celebrated festivals that run for two months. In this event, you can participate in many regional disparities and involve in the event, exhibitions and performances. The Cantonese style is near Hong Kong that showcases two major styles namely Shanghainese and Jiangsu styles. The event is of two-month-long celebration where you can enjoy some unique different performances at the Hong Kong Space Museum and Yau Ma Tei Theatre. To be available at the celebration all the time, you can book a nearby Hong Kong hotel from online using Hotels.com discount code at a low price.

Mid-Autumn Festival – September

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If you happen to travel during September then you can enjoy the Mid-Autumn festival held for three days. During this time, the whole city Hong Kong is surrounded by smoke and sonance with a 67-metre-long dragon, 300 dancers and 24,000 incense twigs take place at the back streets of Tai Hang. The dance tradition started out in the 19th century to scatter the bad luck away in Tai Hang Village which is now named as Causeway Bay. The lantern festival Hong Kong coincided with the full moon, therefore, the hanging lanterns, eating round fruits and mooncakes gits are the most common tradition to celebrate the festival.

Iris Your Escape – September

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This festival surely attracts many wellness fanatics and yoga enthusiasts. The Iris Festival is a relatively new festival that promotes healthy and sustainable living. Also, along with the series of workshops, panels held throughout the day, you can start your morning with Vinyasa then later try acro yoga before dancing and finally round up the day with a stretching class. During the Iris event, you will find many fitness stations and healthy food stores and pop-up stores trading some yoga outfits and accessories for the people.

Clockenflap – November

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The last Hong Kong events 2019 is a local, regional and international music scene, Clockenflap. This event becomes a big event as soon as its inception in 2008. The three days are celebrated enjoying music along with some international indie music introduction in Hong Kong. Clockenflap event has now become one of the famous Hong Kong music festivals that are growing year by year and now it holds the prime Central Harbourfront Space.

So, to observe all the above Hong Kong festivals 2019, you must immediately plan your trip to Hong Kong and book some more interesting tours and activities in Hong Kong online using Klook promo code Hong Kong. Hope, this makes your trip even more impressive!

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