Celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day With These 5 Luxury Branded Gifts

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Life is all about finding love and giving love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time when you can shower love to your better-half. Celebrate Chinese Valentine’s day with us by buying unique gifts that make your companion felicitous.

Chinese Valentine’s Day is the most hyped celebration in all Chinese country including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. Though the celebration is not so popular in small cities, towns and countryside as it is popularly known as the Qixi festival.

The date of the Chinese Valentine’s Day varies from person to person. This year, it’s falling on 7 August and all the couples are prepping up hard to witness the celebration and embrace each other in just love.

Many luxury brands have entered the market with their flashing products which will be ideal gift ideas. As we know true love is not easy to find, which is the reason that you should take time and look for some precious gifts for them and look for every opportunity to celebrate the time with them.

To offer your best gift ideas for Chinese Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up a shortlist of Chinese Valentine’s Day with some limited edition collection of top brands which you can find below:

#1: Miu Miu For Her

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If you wish to please your women then the best way to get into their heart is to gift them a unqiue range of bags, accessories, and jewellery. Certainly, the man selecting these women personalized items for her woman is in itself a sweet gesture and the Miu Miu products will definitely be enjoyed by her.

You can choose from heart-shaped purses to beautiful looking rose-tinted glasses and diamond and pearl-encrusted rings.

#2: Christian Dior For Him and Her

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You can find a playful fashion and unqiue style for yourself by shopping from Christian Dir. Whether you want to gift to her or want to gift him, Christian Dior is a French brand that offers fashion, fragrances and accessories for everyone. Dior has asked their fans to unveil its special Qixi Dior Amour collection along with a mobile game.

All the fans can play the game and match collection letters with a list of commodities, from handbags, shoes, accessories such as scarves, glasses, and jewellery. You can find the brand in many stores, including Farfetch. To buy it from here at a discounted price, use Farfetch discount code.

#3: Bvlgari For Her

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Bvlgari has also presented a limited-edition collection for Chinese Valentine’s Day. This means you can shop some best range of jewellery, bags, watches, fragrances and much more. In the special collection for Qixi, the two accessories sets and gift sets including a Divas’ Dream necklace in the sweet pink hue will be a good choice to buy.

Or the second-best option is to look for a bag crafted from pink leather and features a three-chain motif, a light gold-plated iconic brass with heart-shaped prints that give an iconic touch to your look.

#4: Parada For Him and Her

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For the upcoming Chinese valentine’s Day, Prada hs come up with a wide range of products for men and women all dedicated to the day of romance. The unique collection such as the iconic Parada Cahier and Prada Galleria bags is the most recent style to choose.

These styles can be easily found in white, petal pink, fire red and black shades embellished with red heart-shaped flowers and patches. Also, there’s a selection of ready-made collection includes shoes and accessories available during the Qixi offerings. It will be a nice token for love to gift your partner.

#5: Gucci For Him and Her

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Gucci has created some exclusive items in the past and in the Qixi festival, it is offering a special collection featuring Sylvie handbags, leather wallets, Ace sneakers and designer scarf and shawl. These options are a perfect choice that reflects the modern romantic aesthetic of the house. These creations are made from white leather durable leather and covered with a playful pattern of heart, stars which are considered as a blessing from God of Sky, Astraeus.

For more collection, you can opt wallets and bags that have a white leather tag of ‘Gucci Limited Edition‘ or ‘Gucci Made In Italy Limited Edition’. All the letters are printed in gold to create exclusivity.

You can visit any popular store like Yoox where you will get all these brands and many more popular brands. Use Yoox promo code on your purchase and get all these popular brands at cheaper rates. Hope, your partner will surely like these branded luxury gift items for them.

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