Agoda vs Expedia vs – Which is Best Hotel Booking Website


There are a plethora of travel booking websites these and all of them promise to be better than the other one. The hotel stays are a quintessential part of travelling and one can not do a trip without booking the accommodations required for the right place on the right day and possibly of your own choice. Now, this is practically not as simple as most websites try to project it but there are indeed those lines in between which you can wisely leverage for your own good. This is essentially about making your own travel budget-friendly and ensuring a more appropriate stay in accordance with the tour schedule you have planned to go with.

While most Hotels in Hong Kong can be booked online these days but this is also true that the price of the same room of the same hotel might be different for two customers who are both staying in the adjacent rooms with same amenities right next to each other on the same date. This is confusing to most but it is what it is and the confusing aspect about this whole concept is actually the major reason why it is running successfully. Not every person has got enough time at hand to check every specific package detail comparisons before every travel booking and they would usually pick one on a sheer stroke of impression in a moment. You can always avail the best deals and discounts for any of these websites with exclusive offers like the Expedia Promo Code. There are a few factors about hotel bookings that you should be very clear about and you should consider them before every booking.

Compare Hotel Booking Websites

While the price comparison between websites is always a point of which most users consider for choosing their hotel booking website, but there is another side of it that most people ignore. The hotel prices of a website can often deceive you with misleading hotel packages to catch you in their trap. Such bookings often mislead users and often charges additional money for certain services which are not meant to be charged. So customers are made to pay during their stay by the hotel. Such tactics are truly enraging and can really frustrate you at times.

In the case of Hotel Booking Websites, this is relatively more transparent and follows well-defined terms and conditions provided by the service provider which gives inclusive prices that usually covers the price of the whole package than just one or two websites. There are several other added benefits that one can avail from Hotel booking websites over the direct bookings which are;

  • The online booking services provide basic information on the available rooms and provide the luxury of choosing the room of your preference.
  • As a customer, online booking service gives you additional upgrades and add-ons along with great offers, deals, discounts and reward points from time to time.
  • It gives you a number of hotels to find the accommodation as per your trip’s convenience and customizes services accordingly.

The Best Hotel Booking Option for Your Budget

AGODA – For Budget Travellers Looking for Some ExtraAgoda-promo-code-hotels

The budget travellers are usually habitual travel addicts and always looking for an escape. The slightest of an opportunity could be enough for them. Such travellers can choose Agoda for making their travel bookings as it has two major benefits that actually help budget travellers in a great way. First of all, Agoda provides stays customized in accordance with the kind of travel trip a person is taking and secondly, it gives the users reward points for the flights which the frequent travellers can avail to save money on their future flight bookings. You can additionally save plenty more using the Agoda Promo Code and save a lot more on your final amount.

EXPEDIA: Save Better Deals for the LastExpedia-promo-code

In case of travel plans which are not well thought out or trips well scheduled and with a pre-planned itinerary, the Expedia provides a respite of real value. When you are to book a hotel room in the last minutes, don’t look for hotels anywhere else. This also makes Expedia a more suitable option for hotel bookings during the peak seasons of tourism when only a small number of hotel rooms are barely left for booking. On top of that, you have loyalty rewards for every booking that makes future bookings more cheaper.

HOTELS.COM: For the Luxury Rooms within your Pocket

If you are looking for the more expensive and upper-mid segment of hotels with premium hotel facilities. It would be almost similar to other websites in the cheaper and price-friendly options. So for the best hotels at the best places or neighbourhoods of the city, you must check out to get the best prices on your bookings. Family trips and group travellers can actually benefit a lot from the Promo Code. It also adds surprise packages, extra discounts, free nights, and many other similar deals and offers to surprise the customers.

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