Customs And Traditions Of Chinese New Year Outfits!


Also called the “Lunar New Year” or the “Spring Festival”, Chinese New Year is a 15-day long Chinese festival widely celebrated in China. Chinese New Year just around the corner, and if still haven’t decided what to wear during these auspicious and joyous days of the year, here is a blog post for you. I have compiled a list of some must-follow customs and traditions of dressing to look absolutely stunning even during the annual CNY fest.

Whether you are strong, staunch traditionalists or not, always make sure to your New year on a positive and lucky note and what you’ll wear is equally important during this period. Red is an auspicious color which you must choose to wear on the Chinese New Year’s day. You can also go for earthy, natural tones like Terracotta, Light Yellow, Beige, Orange, Purple, Magenta, and Pink.

Besides choosing an appropriate color to wear, buying new clothes is the another most important tradition for ringing in the New Year on a lucky note. Below are some major points, you must check out while deciding what to wear during the Chinese New Year celebration-

Buy New Clothes!


The act of buying new clothes is symbolic as it signifies a great new beginning and a positive change for the new year. It is considered bad to wear tattered, old clothes on New Year’s Day and thus it is important to wear new clothes which symbolizes new beginnings. Also, you must avoid wearing white or black color outfits on this day as such shades are associated with death. You must go for pops of lucky colors like red or gold as these shades signify good luck. Choose from the widest collection of red and golden color outfits online at unmatched discounted rates by using Farfetch promo code HK

Red Clothing Is Perfect To Choose!


Red color typically goes with the theme of Chinese New Year and this is the main reason why most of the Chinese choose to wear red on the new year. Besides catching up with the theme, red also symbolizes prosperity, good luck and scare away bad spirits of misfortune. If you couldn’t get red clothes, then you must go for brighter shades instead. However, you must not opt shades like white and black that symbolizes mourning or death.

Som Traditional Chinese Clothes You Can Choose To Wear-

1 # Tang Zhuang!


Tang Zhuang is a traditional Chinese outfit with two versions for both men and women. Comprising of a suit-like styling the dress is often made of brocade material, has an upturned collar and straight lapels and has traditional Chinese knots often used as buttons. Since the dress is made of thicker material, it is usually tailored to fit your body more seamlessly and is generally worn during the winter season. Some Tang Zhuang are self-designed and some consist of intricate embroidery to brighten up the look a little more.

2 # Qi Pao / Cheongsam!


The Cheongsam or Qi Pao, both refer to one or two pieces of traditional Chinese outfit tracing its origin back to the Qing Dynasty. Back then, these dresses were far more conservative as they had straight-loose cuts, were baggy and covered most of the women’s body. But modern Cheongsam/Qi Pao is way more stylish and tight fitting with higher cuts and intricate designs. Check out the widest variety of designs of Qi Pao or  Cheongsam online and buy your favorite one at reasonable rate by using Zalora promo code

3 # Hanfu!


Although it is a lesser seen traditional outfit, you will still find a few people wearing this definitive Chinese outfit, Hanfu from the Han Dynasty. Hanfu is not a dress in itself, instead, it comprises two pieces of clothes i.e. a skirt and a shirt. Since it looks very different, you can shop Hanfu for this CNY celebration. The modern version of Hanfu comprises short skirts with cutout shirts enhancing modern sensibilities.

So, these are some must-follow customs and traditions of dressing during the Chinese New Year. Hopefully, the guide will help you get the best outfit for yourself and also let you look your best.

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