The Best Sights And Bites To Explore In Hong Kong : 5 Travel Tips!

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Hong Kong is a country that has got its reputation as one of the best countries offering a variety of things to visitors. In fact, based on what you’re talking to, it has got its reputation as one of the best corporate hub for expats featuring a dizzying blend of old and new mix of Chinese and Western culture. Probably, in the end, Hong Kong is all what you need and what it makes one of Asia’s most exciting cities. There are multiple places that make your day including iconic skyline, mounting mountains, and a sparkling harbour, the city is an absolute stunner that allow you to have a great time.

Once you visit the country, you’ll discover some great exciting places that let you enjoy the Hong Kong trip and you’ll feel like not returning back. With that in mind, we’ve mentioned below some best things you could do and which you must know before you land into this fascinating place.

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#1: Trek towards the infinity pool near Tai O

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Start your Hong Kong with much excitement and great opportunities. To start a beautiful day, plan to visit the little fishing village of Tai O. here, you can trek around the lake and can move towards a manmade pool named as “infinity pool”. It got its name as infinity pool because it has many wonderful views of the hills and sea which you can easily spot the new rail track being built from China.

To reach there, take bus 11 from Tung Chung to Tai O. during regular days and when you are travelling during holidays and weekends when there may be a huge crowd so instead you could take the ferry to Mui Wo and take bus 1 to Tai O and return back.

#2: Long Ke Wan beach

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Long Ke Wan is one of the popular and most preferred beaches by many travellers because of a number of reasons. The major reasons include, it’s an unpolluted beach, covered with silky sand, crystal blue water and offering a magnificent view of the South China Sea.

To reach there, you could drive there by taking a shorter East Dam route when you’re with kids by booking a car using Cheaptickets Promo Code and enjoy booking at very affordable prices. But if you are walking alone or not with kids then you can take a walk from Sai Wan Pavilion to enjoy the majestic views of High Island Reservoir and some beautiful coastline. 

#3: Stay at a training hotel

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Next, the best thing you could do site to explore is by visiting The T hotel (doubles from £73 room-only) in Pokfulam that offer marvellous views over the islands. The hotel offers a training facility to help hospitality students with their course.

This is the reason when you book your hotel online using Ctrip Promo Code, you get reasonable rates for the five-star-standard rooms and food, you will get charming service, followed over by the teachers. You can also enjoy some additional services related to your comfortable stay such as options for five pillows, new bath toys every night, turndown service etc. This hotel will let you enjoy all luxury you can never be able to find elsewhere at such low prices.

#4: Top-class dim sum

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Now comes the best bite you could enjoy in Hong Kong. Tim Ho Wan is one of the cheapest one-Michelin star restaurant in the world offering a great religious experience. But to get in, you have to wait for a long time, so until that time you can buy your ticket and explore the nearby market. Then, once your wait is over and you get inside, you’ll be seated among 30 other people where you can try the ravishing dim sum you ordered while you waited outside. This food experience will be one of the best parts in Hong Kong for sure!

#5: Po Toi island

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Another best place to feel relaxed after the day end is to visit the open Pacific, Po Toi island. The island is quite the best option and lets you enjoy the windswept, elemental nature, which you won’t find at any other place in Hong Kong.

The dramatic cliffs fall into a churning sea at Nam Kok is a delightful experience which you must try there. Along with this, you could do several other activities like a hike at the haunted house, see the bronze-age rock carvings, magnificent rock formations, and birdwatching.

Hope, this will end your day with so many good memories and you’ll want to come here again and again!

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