The Perfect Travel Guide To Outdoor Activities To Do In Macau


Vacation starts as soon as you book in your hotel room, purchase flight tickets and find some interesting things to do on your trip. It is just you who decides whether you want to have a fun and adventurous vacation or a calm and relaxed vacation. So, if you have been hunting for some outdoor adventure activities to do then Macau will definitely treat you with many fun outdoor opportunities.

Macau is known as a big gambling centre exceeding even the romantic Las Vegas. But many of you might not be aware of the fact that Macau comes under Portuguese rule under 1999. It’s an interesting contrast between Asian and European methods that now it has emerged out and stands among top things to do in Macau.

For all adventure seekers, this tiny city of China is a must-visit as it lets you excavate the best things and you make a surprising number of visits that don’t require any count.

Let’s dig in more details about Macau and what are the popular attractions in Macau that are worth your visit for summer travel. 

Get Adrenaline Rush on top of the Macau Tower


Probably, it is the most thrilling outdoor activities to do. The Macau Tower boasted 338 meters above the observation deck offers once in a lifetime opportunity to all adventure seekers. You can climb above the tower and try bungee jumping from the height that will surely give you goosebumps which you’ll never forget. While falling down, make sure you are ready for it and don’t come back without doing it.

The impressive tower is known as the world’s highest bungee jumping base along with boasting observation deck, cinema, adventure zone and many fun things that are once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t wait to think even twice to try it, just book in your adventure fall by using Klook promo code and make a journey to remember.

Go for Casino Hopping


Casinos are the centre of attraction in Macau. There is no one who visits this city and doesn’t try their hands at Casinos. The city also hosts some attractive and luxurious intricate gambling halls that can be found anywhere.

You can even just hop the casinos and there is no compulsion to gamble or spend any money inside them. This means you can easily wander around and leave from mainland Chinese travellers by saving single bets or relish the lavish embellishments. For the best experience, you can check out the $2.4 billion Venetian (known as the biggest casino in the world), having the popular canals of Venice throughout the whole building.

Get mesmerized in the Macau Beaches


Beaches are real beauty of the city as well as a real adventure at times. The most popular option, Hac Sa (Black Sands) Beach on Coloane Island are some of the best choice destinations that many beach lovers crave for after a long tiring day. The feeling of soft sand under your toes will heal out your all stress and tiredness within minutes.

The beaches in Macau are now filled up with yellow sand to prevent erosion and offer a more picturesque view that it was earlier. You can try on some fun Klook adventure activities on the beach and make your trip even more special.

Walk in the Gardens and Parks of Macau


Walking is not boring when you stroll around the famous parks and gardens of Macau. You can witness the real contrasting lush greenery, bright burst of flowers, and passionate and friendly people. You can take advice from locals about the parks and gardens as they will tell you the real verdict and guide you better.

Have a conversation with them and find some nearby places where you can eat shop and indulge in some fun things to do. Only a true local understands about the secret things about their native place and the advice of locals will fetch you true information. A delightful jog within the park will be an icing on the cake on your trip.

Get ready to witness the above adventures and more fun by using Kkday promo code on your activities booking in Macau.

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