Spend Two Best Days In Hong Kong And Latau Island Group Tour!

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Are you planning a weekend trip with your family or friends soon? Hong Kong can be the right place that let you have a great time. You can plan your best two days in Hong Kong or more than two days trip then Hong Kong is surely one best trip you can spend your holiday.

However, the Hong Kong trip will be one sure the best experience. It offers many things to a visitor and if you are travelling for the first time then get ready with a list of thing-to-do as you could be missing out some best parts of this place.

The city is simply an outstanding that offers some great locations and activities to do. Once you visit here, you will witness this amazing city and experience the part of Britain’s influence everywhere. So, if you can speak English very well, you can easily spend your days, find many Pub’s in Hong Kong Soho, enjoy tea time as much a part of the day as in London. Also, there are many exciting things which you will only witness once you visit the city.

Book your two days itinerary now from online at Trip.com, Cheaptickets, Kkday and get surrounded by large skyscrapers, a sea of flags, friendly locals. delicious food at every corner!

Day 1: Get Invloved in Hong Kong Island Tour

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Hong Kong tour can be one best choice you can think of on your first day! This tour welcomes you with so many exciting opportunities including the most iconic visual features, to witness this book your flight to Hong Kong at affordable prices by using Cheaptickets Promo Code. Let’s look at how you will step into HongKong’s most iconic visual features.

Travel Victoria Peak –> Repulse Bay (distant view) –> Stanley Market –> Aberdeen –> Jewelry Market

Start your trip by heading to the highest spot in Hong Kong, Victoria Peak and experience the most spectacular peak of the whole city along with a distant beautiful view of the Repulse Bay which is surrounded by the charming beach and soft golden sand.

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Later of the day, explore some souvenirs or clothing at Stanley Market. This will include the daytime market that surrounds the array of small shops all hidden, where you can indulge in shopping some Chinese clothes, jewellery, mementoes, sportswear and apparel with a relaxed ambience and crisp sea environments. Take a ride to the local lifestyle at Aberdeen and see the Jewelry Market along with the creative craftsmen making fashionable and beautiful jewellery from gold and jewels.

After this finishes, then take a drive back to your boarding hotel which you can book instantly online using Trip.com Promo Code and enter into a relaxing journey.

Day 2: Get Ready For Lantau Island Tour

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Your trip to Lantau Island will again me more satisfying once you begin your journey on an express ferry day trip from Hong Kong. Make this tour more exciting by booking in your trips in advance from online using Kkday Promo Code and begin your journey to some amazing places.

Tsing Ma Bridge –> Tai’O Village –> Polin Monastery –> Giant Buddha –> Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

Start your guided tour by heading to a magnificent man-made landmark, Tsing Ma Bridge and arrive at the Tai’O Village which is quite fascinating on its own. It offers a historical fishing village on Lantau Island and it makes your trip quite exciting and different from normal modern Hong Kong.

Later in the day at noon, you can much great vegetarian lunch at Polin Monastery where you will witness varied monuments including houses Giant Buddha. It is the tallest outdoor creation known worldwide as the Buddha image. The Buddha will best location situated at the top of the hill where you can see the gate of temples. Further, you can take a ride on one-way Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car and see a great panoramic view of it and other wonderful views of the vast South China Sea and hilly terrain of Lantau Island.

After enjoying your two days, you can get back to the hotel and think about the best two days you had on your tour.

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