Why You Must Visit UK for this ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

While the countries that play cricket on an international level are not as much as you would find playing football or rugby but when you have India included in the Cricket playing nations, the population of cricket fans rises to a staggering 2.5 billion which is almost if not more than the number of fans you would find for football in the world. The number does look big in number and it is indeed, very big but the fact of the matter is that Cricket does not enjoy a geographical reach, unlike football which is played in all the countries of the world. 

For an average Hong Kong citizen, Cricket may not sound like something very familiar but for their knowledge, even Hong Kong has a national team which plays in associate nations which are yet to attain the status of a regular test playing nation. The Cricket World Cup is unarguably the biggest of all cricket tournaments conducted worldwide. The tournament used to have 14-16 participating national teams in the past, but the one scheduled to happen this summer in the UK and Wales region. the ICC (International Cricket Council) which is just the same as you have FIFA for football playing countries, has restricted the participants to a limited number of 10 top teams. The people have come out with different take on this decision. While some call it a demoralizing treatment of associate nations who are trying to get into the fray of International Test teams, and on the other hand it is surely going to make the tournament more balanced in terms of competition between the top teams.

Putting everything else aside, I would rather disclose to you a marvellous opportunity to enjoy this crazy game in the beautiful landscape of Britain and Wales County this summer. The tournament will be an electrifying experience altogether and you would also get ample time to explore the attractions of the nearby areas in between the tournament fixtures. So avail the Etihad Airways promo code and get your flight booked on the special Etihad airways promotion for Hong Kong residents during this ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in the UK. To get to enjoy one of the best sports competition in the world, you should travel to the UK for this biggest cricket event held every 4 years time.

For Learning The Gentlemen’s Game

Did I tell you yet! I think not. Cricket is called the Gentlemen’s game for its elegance and sportsmanship spirit that involves excellent team-work and inclusive efforts of the whole 11 members of the team to win the match. Don’t take it as against any other sport as such because every sport has to be a team game but the role of each member of the team is very specifically defined in cricket and gives the person a certain sense of responsibility. Fluke isn’t going to be the defining moment in a game of Cricket as it can be in football, handball, basketball and even baseball, which is an American customized form of Cricket with quite a few similarities to begin but much fundamental difference when you observe and learn both the sports in details.

The Classic Rivalries

Rivalries actually set up the benchmark of the competitive threshold in every sport. You have an intense sense of rivalries between two teams in Cricket too as you would find in any other team sports. The rivals are usually known to fight to the last drop of their blood during a fight and sports just doesn’t incorporate blood in literal terms but does provide a sensational entertainment to the viewers with excellent competitiveness between two opposing teams. World Cup is one such place where you would find all those rivalries ignited at their extreme levels and the overall environment becomes electrified with the chores and chants of their respective supporters battling it out in a sensational adrenaline-pumping atmosphere inside the stadium. Each team pushes itself to the best of its abilities and the euphoria of sport at such matches is a hair-raising excitement you would rarely experience in any other game.  As one would need to get a few travel tips while visiting Hong Kong, the same applies everywhere. Therefore, do not forget to book your tickets in advance for such rivalries to ensure a seat within the stadium before it is sold out. You can make online booking too using the Bookings.com Promo Code to get your tickets in time. You can also avail the Booking.com Hotels for cheap yet luxurious accommodations for your trip. In case you want to fetch the lowest prices on flight tickets, you can try these Cheaptickets Promo Code Hong Kong and get the cheapest airfares.

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