4 Sneaker Trends That are Rocking in 2019

Sneakers are one of the best footwear if you ask me personally, they are just the perfect thing you could imagine in the name of footwear. Let me elaborate it a bit on this to make it clearer. Sneakers are very comfortable, easy-going, versatile, durable, compatible for wearing for long stretches of time, modestly stylish and can be made to match any kind of attire with some moderations. At the end of the day, you get to a lot of different fabric materials to choose as per your convenience which matters the most. There are ample other smaller reasons which do make a difference from individual to individual depending upon a person’s choice.

For the better of your wardrobe, you got to have a few sneakers in your collection. This is always going to be a critical matchmaker for your dresses, and you would surely enjoy wearing them more than any other shoe of yours. So if you have not got a couple of sneakers already, make sure you do get them right away. You can also leverage the Nike Promo Code to avail best deals on sneakers and fetch them at the lowest prices. But before you buy any, you should know the better options that you have got in the market right now. Here you can take a look at 4 of the hottest sneaker trends that are rocking in 2019.

Basketball Dunkers

The basketball shoes which used to be one of the most popular footwear trends of the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s are now coming back to the forefront with aplomb. One must not forget the contribution of the NBA stars in making these shoes hottest styles of those times. These shoes usually came with a flat bottom with a very healthy and comfortable cushion to complement the jumps made by basketball players also known as dunks. The name Dunkers comes from the Legacy of Nike with one of their flagship products Dunk which was first released in 1985 and became a cult success enjoying huge sales for a period of over a decade and a half. Guess what! Nike HK is back with the new revised version of Dunk in 2019 and you would surely love it as many others are too.

Textured Ones

One-upmanship is driving a lot of the weird and, well, just weird menswear pieces being thrown around at the moment. What’s better than one coat? This goes some way to explaining chunky trainers, but besides making a shoe the size as big as a toaster, where else do you go? Unusual textures could also become the next must-cop sneaker trend. .When you come up with a new sneaker idea, the most difficult part is to find the shape but once it’s deemed a success you end up seeing the gradual rollout of ‘versions of’ that silhouette. Technology is now at a point where anything is possible for a sneaker, so things are changing up. So you should now be prepared to see new textures everywhere. Fetch the latest deals on fashion apparels with the Zalora Promo Code to save some money on your shopping bills.

Chunky Sneakers

Chunky soles will continue into 2019 taking after shoes from the luxury sector. The major footwear brands have been clearly influenced by these as seen with the leaked news about several of the new Silhouettes for the year ahead. There’s hope too for those without the budget to go for the luxury brands. It’s a trend that continues to captivate. Chunky 90s-vibe runners, performance styles from the early ’00s and modern hybrids will be fixtures on shelves and on feet this year. You can order chunky sneakers from luxury brands on discounts with the Farfetch Promo Code.

Neon Lights

The 90s trend had been a bridge between the trainers and the fashion wears. But the change, in general, has seen us leave behind all the god-awfulness of the decade acid wash jean shorts, those linen berets that only movie actors can look good in and pull off gracefully. This trend has come out with a strong edit of pieces you can label an instant classic right now. One remnant we’re yet to decide on for the long term, however, is neon. All-over Day-Glo can make even the most seasoned weekday ravers a little queasy. But hinting at the hues in your footwear when worn alongside some simple denim could be a surefire way of racking up some insanely energetic maniacs. Neon is a big sneaker trend for 2019 as it is starting to blend into streetwear and athleisure trend. It is also getting into the high street trend where it enjoys popularity as the branded sneakers with strong styles are backing this trend to their customer’s liking. Use these Ssense Promo Code to enjoy the best discount offers online before shopping and keep saving while you shop.

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