Ocean’s Park – A Place for Happy Summer Season

Hong Kong is rated amongst the top places for travel and tourism in the world but one thing that you might not have been aware of is that Hong Kong is also one of the best and safest places to live in terms of life expectancy index. This in itself suggests a lot of things about the place and its aura. This makes Hong Kong an even more fascinating destination to explore as a traveller.

Many times, people find it relatively hard to decide whether they should plan a trip to Hong Kong during the summer season or not. Well, the decision will become a lot easier for you by the end of this blog. The summer in Hong Kong is hot and humid but that does not mean you can’t enjoy anything. In fact, Hong Kong gives you the chance to relish and enjoy a happy summer season in this place. The only thing which you must keep in mind is to carry only the summer clothing preferably of light and comfortable fabric. So make sure to pile up the stack of your summer wardrobe for the trip. If you are running short of trendy summer clothes, you can avail the Farfetch Promo Code to purchase the latest summer wear trends from top brands at huge discounts.

So why should you visit Hong Kong for a reprieve in Summer? There are some more cool reasons to visit Hong Kong during the summer. But the best one is to cool yourself down to the fullest at the Ocean’s Park, a wonderland meant to tease the summers with its uber cool vibes. If you travel during the summer season, you will also be able to avail some additional rebates and offers using the Klook Discount Code Hong Kong.

About the Park

While there are many other big and renowned Amusement Parks in Hong Kong but none of them is as much large and vivid as the Ocean’s Park. This park alone offers so much that it would not be possible for a person to explore everything inside it in one full day visit too. To give a rough estimate, the park has more than 50 attractions built within its territory. There are some of the attractions which are age-specific while most of them are for people of all ages. The park is spread in an area of around 900 thousand square metres. The whole park is themed and decorated in such a way that it looks like a fair or fairyland of games. There are plenty of fast-paced rides for those looking for an adrenaline rush along with a giant Ferris wheel. There are also wildlife interaction zones, aquatic zone, and some fantastic live shows for animal lovers. The Grand Aquarium at the Waterfront features a 13-metre acrylic viewing panel inside a giant pool, which house 5,000 fish from 400 different species. You can play with sea creatures like sea cucumbers and starfish at the touch pool.

Ocean Park Hong Kong’s Highlights

Amazing Asian Animals is one of the most unique attractions in the park – a pair of rare giant pandas and a red panda live in a habitat modelled after their home in Western China. Other attractions in the area include Gator Marsh and Goldfish Treasure.  From the Waterfront, you can enjoy a cable car ride to Summit, which houses Ocean Park’s amusement rides. The 8-minute ride offers a great view of Hong Kong Island and Repulse Bay. A crowd favourite at the Summit is the Hair Raiser rollercoaster, which whips and rolls passengers with 4G force. Spanning 225 metres in length, the Ocean Park escalator is one of the world’s longest outdoor escalators – it offers a great view of the South China Sea. At the other end of the escalator, you’ll find attractions like the Japanese Garden and Ocean Park Tower. One thing that you should keep in mind is that do not forget to bring swimming dress with you because you will be spending quite a significant amount of fun in the water. In case, you haven’t got one, don’t worry and simply order them with Farfetch HK Coupon and get them before you will need them.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Features

Shows are held at the Ocean Theatre and Whiskers Theatre every day. On special occasions like Halloween and Christmas, special themed shows take place around the park and there are educational programs like Honorary Pandas Keeper and Dolphin Encounters for children. Tickets cost is for the adults is HK$480 and for every child between the age of 3–11 years, ticket prices are cut to half i.e. HK$240. You can book the tickets online to save some extra bucks with the Klook Promo Code.  A visit to Ocean Park Hong Kong will likely take up the entire day, so be sure to allocate plenty of time if you’re planning to stop by during your holiday.

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